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"Ghost Town" of Brewster

Brewster is a place in southwest Polk County, Florida, located at 27°45′9″N, 81°58′47″W. It is at an elevation of 143 feet above sea level. There are a total of 0 people residing there.

The village of Brewster was founded in 1910 and for decades flourished from phosphate mining. It was largely a company town for the American Cyanamid Company. The town had its own schools, movie theater, medical clinic, post office, and swimming pool. It was set up with "White" and "Colored" people living in separate sections.

The village was officially closed down by the company in 1962. Much of Brewster was demolished at the time, but some abandoned buildings remain, including a smokestack which rises prominently in the area as a landmark.

The deed to Brewster was turned over to the State of Florida in partial payment of a judgment against American Cynamid for environmental damages.

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